EC&I 834

My name is Lindy Olafson and I am the instructional team coach at Balcarres Community School.  We are a Pre-K – grade 12 school about 1 hour east of Regina.  I am middle years trained, however my first position was a grade 2 classroom teacher.  I spent the bulk of my classroom teaching in grades 6 &7.  I currently team teach and teacher mentor primarily in a grade 5-6 classroom, but parts of my day are spent in classrooms from grade 1 through to 12.  No two days are the same and I love the variety.

I am married and I have 3 grown children.  Our daughter and youngest son are both students at the UofR.  Our middle son was born with a chromosome abnormality, and is still attending school in Balcarres, where he will continue until he is 22 and eligible for group homes in Regina. In the last few years I have began a journey to a healthier lifestyle which includes both eating and exercise, and I stepped out of my comfort zone and became a Beachbody coach. I enjoy reading and knitting, as well as gardening when the weather is right! My family and I love camping and travelling.

My goals for this class are quite simple- by design.  I know that there are many advantages to incorporating technology into my teaching practice, and I plan to commit to explore different technologies and use them with the classes I am working with.  My second goal is to expand my Twitter account.  Seek out and follow some new educators as well as my colleagues in this class.  I also plan to become more active myself and share my new learning with those following my account.  My third goal is to see myself as both a user of technology, and a creator of learning using technology.  I am apprehensive about technology and do not feel competent.  This has left me often avoiding opportunities rather than forcing myself to learn and improve my teaching practice and personal growth.


3 thoughts on “EC&I 834

  1. Hi Lindsay! I am glad that we are taking another class and are continuing to learn together! It has been my experience in an @coursobrandt class that your confidence in technology with increase tenfold!


  2. You chose the right class for learning educational technology. It is definitely a learning curve that is still a struggle for me, but is well worth it!
    I also team teach in a grade 4/5 classroom at Dr. Hanna School in Regina!


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