Seriously- what was the holdup?

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Natalie and I will meet today to finish up our prototype.  I can’t believe it’s coming to an end- not just the project- but the class.  It’s flown by- not sure if that’s because it was so fun, or simply because there was simply so much info that I’ve survived since January in some form of blur!

I will be honest- the main reason for the class for me was that it was online and I didn’t have to commute.

I also knew that I had to take some classes that would make me learn the skills required to be a better educator, because I continued to try to pull away from it.

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As we approach the end of the class, I realize that I don’t hate technology, I never did, more than anything I needed the support of a classroom community like we have in ECI 834 to give me confidence and advice that I needed to be successful.


Rather than fight the reality of technology- it was more like I was helped along with people leading me, people who both had, and were willing to share their technology knowledge.


Amy’s cartoon fits me to a tee. At the beginning of the semester I was completely overwhelmed- then I was feeling pretty confident- as it’s come to crunch time, I once again felt overwhelmed.

I loved that I didn’t have to do the project alone.  I’m strong when it comes to curriculum- but new to the technology side of things and it was great to learn together with Natalie.

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With so many tools it was difficult to decide which to use for the assignment.  Some were lots of fun to learn, but narrowing down what actually worked for what I was trying to teach is a new skill that I know is going to take some more practice.

In the end- I know that I am unlikely to use some of the tools to design my own work.  I also know that I can though.  When it comes to the videos- they are time consuming and I found way better stuff online than I can create at this point- possibly at any point.  I love the tools that we have learned that allow me to customize some of the amazing videos that I have found on line though.  That is definitely a skill that I will be honing.  Learning how the tools work and what they can do have helped me gain a better understanding of the kinds of assessment that I can use for student creation for assignments.  In the past, I was reluctant to assign digital assessment or have students create digital artifacts as their proof of learning because I didn’t have the skill set, and I honestly lacked knowledge about just how important it is for kids to learn the skills of digital creation.

This reading really brought to light that choosing not to embrace technology is almost negligent on the part of a teacher.

In the end I want to continue to learn to be the best teacher that I can be- and continuing to embrace technology is the path I need to follow.  It’s actually kind of fun- so what was my problem?



8 thoughts on “Seriously- what was the holdup?

  1. I completely agree with you – I got very overwhelmed with all the tools that exist. I always want to make sure that I am using the best one for the task, but I am not really sure that exists. There are so many out there, and so many good ones, that I guess at one point you just have to decide to use it and go through with it, without continuing to shop around. Isn’t this the mentality around buying a wedding dress as well – once you find something you like, stop looking? I felt like that near the end of the course prototype because there were just so many options. I would love to spend several weeks looking through all of them and creating things with everything to see what I like best – maybe one day! Thanks for the great post!


  2. I also avoided giving digital assessment for lack of skill and no time to figure them out. I agree that it is important and necessary to prepare our students for the future. I think it’s okay to not have the creation tools all figured out. Our students will catch on fast and learn from and help each other and us.


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