It might be a long, cold winter…

I have to say that I have been enjoying my project a little too much.  Too much time going into playing around with different stitches, and likely not enough on other things.

Where I am so far:


I can single crochet, double crochet, half double crochet and create a granny square.

I decided the weather is getting chilly, and who doesn’t like a scarf.  I found some nice yarn and decided that I would start on a project.


Apparently on a scale of easiness, this one shouldn’t be so bad.

and it turns out it isn’t.

Knowing how to knit and how to read a pattern was very helpful to me.  Even though the stitches are different, the idea is the same.  I also borrowed this book from a friend and it helped a lot with how to read the pattern and the abbreviations.

After about 4 hours, this is where I have gotten to:

The tension isn’t amazing, but generally it does look like the pattern is supposed to.  After completing the long straight part, there is an edging that goes around.  I’m hoping that will make it look a little more finished.

I have to pick up the pace a little to get this thing completed by the end of class.  It doesn’t move along too quickly!


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